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There is certainly a case to be made for your traditional 9-5 position. Dolly Parton wrote a best-selling song that said as much. The steady hours, office-based environment and access to unlimited amounts of caffeine is a pretty alluring combination. But, when all is said and done, when the working day is finished, what difference will you actually have made.

Beyond the superficial appeal of the 9-5 lies a career that provides the opportunity to make a difference every day, to impact positively on somebody’s life and to head back home on an evening knowing your work has made a genuine impact. We’re referring of course to a career in the healthcare industry.

That is not to say though that a career in healthcare can’t provide a good living from a financial standpoint, it certainly can, but the point is that it’s not all about the money, it’s about so much more. Whether it’s working with an elderly couple to help them regain their independence, or supporting a patient that’s suffering from Parkinson’s, the sense of satisfaction attached to helping others is something that’s impossible to truly quantify in a monetary sense.

Whilst we may have been quick to highlight a few of the benefits of a more traditional position, that’s certainly not to say it’s for everyone, nor is it without its drawbacks. Office-based jobs in their nature are pretty predictable and are often slow-paced. The exact opposite could be said for a healthcare position. ‘No two days are ever the same’ is a cliché, paint-by-numbers line that you’ll see plastered on virtually every job advert on Indeed and CV Library, but in this case it couldn’t be more apt. You’ll be in patients’ homes, meeting new people every day and forging genuine relationships with those under your care. There’s no clock-watching here, just the opportunity to help those most in need whilst earning good money for the privilege.

Starting a career in healthcare is much more a question of personality rather than a question of qualifications. You don’t need an extensive knowledge of medical theory, or to have studied in a relevant field, the most important weapon in your arsenal should be an unwavering desire to help others. With a range of roles to choose from, it’s certainly not just aspiring Doctors and Nurses that can get involved and start making a difference.

Working with Access2Care

We offer a vast array of services to our clients, ranging from sitting services to the development and implementation of individual care plans. With a number of positions available, we’re looking for individuals to join our team and to start helping enrich the lives of those most in need across Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

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