The Elderly

Due to reduced mobility or simply struggling with your day to day care needs you may require a call in the morning to prepare you for the day or a call in the evening to help you get ready for bed, our carers can call at a time to suit you. We are here to help with the everyday tasks you might be struggling with.

Clients with disabilities

We care for people with physical disabilities or disabling illnesses such as MS. These care packages can be more complex and involve more than one carer. We can advise you of your options and advise you and help you devise your own care plan.

Clients living with long term conditions

We help people who have been diagnosed with long term conditions such as Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Your care needs may change over time and may be quite small to begin with but you may need more support as time goes on. We can liaise with you from the start and discuss how you would like to manage your own care plan

Support for clients with Palliative care needs

We can assist with people who are facing decisions regarding their end of life care and ensure that your care is delivered in a personal, discreet and conscientious manner.

Sitting services

You may require some assistance whilst your loved ones are away on holiday or need some assistance with specific tasks that you struggle to find someone to help you with. We can help with many aspects of domestic care from cooking, shopping, light housework, bathing / washing, getting up and getting dressed and prompting with your medication.