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Contrary to popular belief, a five-year medical degree is not a prerequisite for a career in the health industry…

Health professionals by their nature come in all shapes and sizes and from a wealth of different educational backgrounds. Indeed, the route into the health sphere isn’t always straightforward, with many choosing to switch from a more traditional career into the fast-paced, exciting world of healthcare further down the line.

With many more expected to make the switch over the coming years, we’ve complied a definitive list of four key reasons why you might consider swapping the 9-5 for a burgeoning career in the healthcare industry:

Unrivalled Job Satisfaction

Beyond the necessity of earning money to keep the lights on, it’s incredibly important to enjoy your job. Ultimately, you’ll spend just as much time there each week as you do at home, so it’s vital you choose to do something you enjoy. Working in healthcare offers the unique opportunity to genuinely make a difference to peoples lives every day. There are few professions that provide the same level of satisfaction. No number crunching or Team’s meetings here, just the ability to have a positive impact on someone’s life, no matter their circumstances. It’s not all about the money, it’s about so much more.

Fast-Paced Working Environment

Choosing to work in healthcare is essentially a means of waving goodbye to clockwatching. Long gone will be the days of counting down the minutes to 5 o’ clock. The world of healthcare is ever-changing, presenting new challenges to professionals on a daily basis. There are always new patients to care for, new people to deal with and new situations to navigate. The days simply fly by.

An Opportunity to Hone Your Skills

A career with Acess2Care, whilst incredibly rewarding, doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all of your venture into the healthcare industry. You’ll learn invaluable skills and techniques that translate seamlessly into positions within hospitals, surgeries, nursing homes and a whole host of other organisations. That’s certainly not us trying to kick you out of the door before you’ve even got here, but the skills you acquire in the role could bare huge significance on your professional career moving forwards.

A Rapidly Growing Industry

Whilst the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19 has left many industries in a somewhat precarious position, the healthcare industry has continued to flourish. Ultimately, it’s work that needs to be done, regardless of the global landscape. Jobs in the industry are expected to grow by 18% from 2016 to 2026 and the increase in jobs and opportunities shows no sign of slowing down. This growth means a role in healthcare is about as stable as they come currently, with the added impetus of adding new skills to your arsenal as we eluded to earlier.

Working with Access2Care

We offer a vast array of services to our clients, ranging from sitting services to the development and implementation of individual care plans. With a number of positions available, we’re looking for individuals to join our team and to start helping enrich the lives of those most in need across Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

If you are interested in finding out more about our vacancies – CLICK HERE.