Change of Agency

What should you expect from your care provider?

There are a number of very reputable care agencies throughout Nottinghamshire providing exceptional standards of support and service to each of their clients. In other instances, however, care providers are adding to the distress by not delivering the levels of care that their clients require, deserve and indeed pay for.

For your absolute peace of mind your care provider should be undertaking care calls at the same time(s) every day – times which have been agreed with you beforehand – using a regular team of carers that you are able to build a relationship with, and feel comfortable around. Crucially, carers should be supporting you for the period of time that they are paid for, not cutting calls short. Of course, problems can occur due to uncontrollable factors, such as staff sickness, but your provider should do its utmost to ensure that you are unaffected and well informed at all times.

If you feel continually unhappy with your care provider, it is often extremely straightforward to move to another that you feel can better meet your needs. Your care documentation or service user guide will detail the terms of notice set out by your current care provider – this is usually one week. Before the end of this notice period you should have a new care plan in place with your chosen agency and at Access2Care we make this simple for you by offering no-obligation care assessments and care plan proposals which must be approved by you and can be actioned at short notice, once you are completely happy.

Perhaps there is something extra that your care provider could do but aren’t – let us know and we’ll create a care plan that’s tailored around you.

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