Home Care Allows You To Stay In Your Home In Your Old Age

Whilst we are young fit and healthy it can seem impossible that we will ever get old and may need some form of help but unfortunately old age is something which happens to all of us.

For many people as they get older their health begins to deteriorate and they find that they need some extra help. One option is to move into a nursing home or sheltered accommodation but often people are reluctant to leave their home. If this is the case then home care is the only real option.

There are also many different reasons why a person may require home care in Nottinghamshire, including old age, people with disabilities, long term illness or simply needing some short term help whilst loved ones are on holiday. There are many different levels of care which a home care agency in Nottinghamshire can provide ranging from calling as little as once a week to visiting three to four times a day depending on the level of help you require.

The range of services available also differ greatly and can be tailored to meet the individual clients needs from help with general domestic care like cooking, shopping, light housework, bathing / washing, getting up and getting dressed and prompting with your medication.

Many people worry that home care is very expensive but it does not have to be and there is help available. Home care can be paid for using attendance allowance or through direct payments by contacting your local services department they will be able to let you know if you are eligible.

For further details on our Home Care services throughout Nottinghamshire – telephone 0115 859 6074.

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